The top of the South Island has long been an area of enterprise and ingenuity. These are stories about those enterprises - business, farming, fishing, industry; and the infrastructure which has supported them.

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  1. The Nelson Railway
    Despite more than 80 years of drive and determination on the part of Nelsonians to work towards a railway that would end their isolation from the rest... read more
  2. The Hop Centre of New Zealand
    At the centre of a good beer lies quality aromatic hops and, as luck would have it, the early English and German settlers to Nelson found the region p... read more
  3. Asbestos and the Chaffeys
    A place to hide was what the Chaffeys sought when they moved to the Cobb Valley in Nelson’s remote northwest mountains. It was their desire for solitu... read more
  4. Marlborough Aviation
    With its clear skies, wide, open valleys and central New Zealand location, Marlborough has been a significant aviation centre for nearly 90 years, sin... read more
  5. Tobacco
    The growth and production of tobacco brought wealth, jobs and growth to Motueka and was integral to the social fabric of the district for more than 70... read more
  6. Marlborough Sounds Whaling
    For nearly 140 years whalers spotted whales from hilltop lookouts at the head of Tory Channel. Whale chasing boats then raced out to harpoon them and ... read more
  7. Marlborough's wine story
    The expansion of Marlborough’s wine industry over the past three decades has changed the face of the province, but even the earliest European settlers... read more
  8. Dun Mountain Railway
    The Dun Mountain Railway , 1862-1907, was New Zealand's first railway. The horse-drawn tramway ran from the port, across the city, climbing to the c... read more
  9. Early Pastoralism in Marlborough
    Marlborough’s earliest pastoral history was one of initial squatter land occupation, battling the twin scourges of rabbits and sheep scab, and eventua... read more
  10. Wakamarina Gold
    In 1864 Nelson was aroused from a 'depressed commercial state' by the discovery of gold in the Wakamarina. Despite promising early finds, the Wakamari... read more