The top of the South Island has long been an area of enterprise and ingenuity. These are stories about those enterprises - business, farming, fishing, industry; and the infrastructure which has supported them.

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  1. Marlborough's Flax Industry
    Marlborough had perfect growing conditions and was noted for the excellent quality of its flax. Native flax grew in swampy land and on the low foothi... read more
  2. Roding Valley waterworks
    Since its official opening on the 30th October 1941, the Roding waterworks scheme has supplied water to both Nelson City and Richmond... read more
  3. Aniseed Valley Copper
    The discovery of an outcrop of copper ore in the upper Aniseed Valley in1881 led to the development of an industry that lasted a mere 30 years read more
  4. The Union Steam Ship Company
    The Union Steam Ship Company played a major role in the history of NZ shipping, both for passengers and freight, and was active in Port Nelson from 18... read more
  5. Fishing in Nelson
    Fishing has always played a significant part in the culture and economy of Whakatu, or Nelson. read more
  6. Maitai Dam
    The Maitai Dam was a controversial scheme, but one which has been successful in securing Nelson's water supply since 1987 read more
  7. Nelson brewing family
    Breweries were among the earliest businesses established after the settlement of Nelson began in 1842. The Duncans have been six generations in the br... read more
  8. The Nelson Bank
    A local firm of merchants began to issue their own one pound notes under the name of the 'Nelson Bank' read more
  9. Bank of New South Wales
    Founders Heritage Park contains a replica of the first Bank of New South Wales that was built in Nelson read more
  10. Early Mailboats in the Sounds
    Public pressure led to the establishment of a regular mailboat service throughout the Sounds by the 1890's read more