The top of the South Island has long been an area of enterprise and ingenuity. These are stories about those enterprises - business, farming, fishing, industry; and the infrastructure which has supported them.

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  1. The Apple Industry
    Apples have been planted in Nelson since the arrival of the first European settlers, who found that apple trees flourished in the temperate climate. read more
  2. Tarakohe Cement
    Golden Bay / Mohua, now known for its pristine coastline and National Parks, was once home to a wide range of industries, many of which have now gone.... read more
  3. Samuel Kirkpatrick and the Canning Factory
    Samuel Kirkpatrick's canning factory was a major business in Nelson, while K Jams were famous throughout New Zealand read more
  4. Power to the People
    Early in the 20th century Marlborough and the top of the south was isolated from the national grid and the lack of bulk electricity was handicapping d... read more
  5. Robinson Bros of Stoke
    Robinson's fruit juices became famous throughout New Zealand, if not the world. Fruit was sourced from their orchards at Stoke. read more
  6. Orchards of the Nelson region
    The Nelson region has been vital in the development of New Zealand's apple and pear growing and marketing industry. read more
  7. Stoke Freezing Works
    The Nelson meat plant at Stoke is one of the oldest and largest continuous employers in Nelson and a major contributor to the economy. read more
  8. Buxton and Company Nelson Merchants
    E. Buxton & Co. Merchants was an importing and exporting business, selling everything from apple trees to firearms, women's hosiery to sausage skins. read more
  9. Anchor Foundry
    The Anchor Shipping and Foundry Company was once a significant Nelson industry. Russell Dickson has fond memories. read more
  10. Nelson's aviation history
    Aviation’s influence on Nelson has been profound. read more