Aotearoa New Zealand's histories and Te Takanga o Te Wā

From 2023, Te Takanga o Te Wā and Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories will be part of all kura and schools’ marau ā-kura and local curriculum. The final content was released in March 2022 for implementation from term 1 2023. The Government's aim for the new curriculum is that: "Every young person in school and kura will (soon) start learning about how Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories have shaped our lives".

Regional resource guide to support the Aotearoa New Zealand histories curriculum

The curriculum content embraces the histories of all the people who live in Aotearoa New Zealand and encourages schools and kura to develop local curriculum and marau ā-kura that reflect the histories of their communities. 

To support this focus on the histories of our region and community, Hilary and John Mitchell have suggested a range of relevant topics and resources, as a proposed curriculum across the school Year groups. Hilary and the late John Mitchell are authors of the four-volume "Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka" series, which charts the history of Māori of Te Tau Ihu. The volume number and page references refer to the Mitchell's Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka series of books, in-text links refer to Prow stories and other online resources.

It is suggested that teachers use these topics at different age levels according to their own school curriculum and preferences.

Years 1 & 2: some early stories, myths and legends

Compare with European/English fairy tales

Years 3 & 4: early visitors to Te Tau Ihu
Years 5 & 6: tribal succession in Te Tau Ihu
Years 7 & 8 - European influences arrive
  • Sealers, whalersmissionariesMāori enterprise, relationships, influence and effects. Vol.1 pp.230-251
  • Treaty of Waitangi: what did it mean? Did Māori get all the rights and privileges of British Citizenship? Vol.1 pp.289-291
  • Was the Treaty honoured by Governments? Land, political power, legal rights, access to health and education. Vol.1 pp.283, 309-310, 349,375, 414, 448, 459
  • What does colonisation mean? What does it look like around the world?

Year 9 - Māori society and European settlement
Year 10 - The New Zealand Company
  • Company's intentions, plans, policies re Māori; Company's land purchases. Vol.1 pp.252-286
  • Nelson settlement 1841. Vol.1 pp.287-310
  • Company failure to implement its Māori policies. Vol.1 pp.305-310
  • Wairau Affray, 17 June 1843. Vol.1 pp.311-330, Vol.2  pp.234-240
  • Spain Commission, 1844-1845. Vol.1 pp.331-342
  • The taking of Whakarewa (Motueka), 1853-1993. Vol.1 pp.376-384
  • Crown purchases, 1850s: intentions, methods, results. Vol.1 pp.358-389
  • The Tenths Reserves and creation of Wakatū Incorporation. Vol.1 pp.424-461

Years 11, 12 & 13 - Special Topics
  • The coming of Christianity. Vol.2 pp.69-136
  • Māori and the Law. Vol.2 pp.346-367
  • Māori and education. Vol.2 pp.329-346
  • Nelson and Marlborough (Māori and European) involvement in the Taranaki wars and Parihaka. Vol.2 pp.388-407, 411-419
  • The Native Land Court and its effect on communal land ownership. Vol.2 pp.386-388 and other references
  • Administration and management of Māori reserve land by Government appointed (non-Māori) trustees; legislation and regulations imposed; 1970s Commission of Enquiry. Vol.1 pp.424-452
  • The Tai Tapu block; gold, Government regulations, ownership of the block. Vol.1 pp.397-402, Vol 2 pp.308-309
  • Effects of colonisation: land loss, discrimination, exclusion, poverty. Vol.2 pp.465-498
  • Nelson-Marlborough influences on NZ legislation and regulation: following, for example the Wairau Affray, goldfield regulations, the Maungatapu Murders. Vol.2 pp.304-307, 318-319
  • The Waitangi Tribunal: origins of the Tribunal; Treaty claims procedures; local claims and hearings
  • The Office of Treaty Settlements (now Te Arawhiti - Office for Māori Crown Relations) procedures and nature of local settlements
  • Fisheries, Aquaculture and Forestry claims and settlements
  • The Foreshore and Seabed debate. “Foreshore and Seabed Issues: a Te Tau Ihu Perspective on Assertions and Denials of Rangitiratanga” H & J Mitchell Victoria University
  • Iwi Trust organisations; principles and practices
  • Wakatū Incorporation's battle to gain control over its lands. "Reclaiming rangatiratanga : the Wakatu Incorporation and the Crown” H&J Mitchell Victoria University