Stories about the way people have lived in the top of the South: stories about iwi and the land, colonial settlement, governance, different communities, education, housing, health and more.

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  1. Nayland College - daring to be different
    Stoke’s co-educational Nayland College was established in 1966 in the shadow of the long and highly respected history and traditions of the Nelson’ ci... read more
  2. Tahunanui - the school by the sands
    The story of Tahunanui School mirrors the rapid development its seaside location and the nearby beach into an established community and popular summer... read more
  3. Upstairs Downstairs
    As was befitting an affluent middle-class family such as the Buxtons of Broadgreen House in Stoke, paid staff looked after domestic and ground work in... read more
  4. Fleeing war torn Italy
    The desire to leave war-torn Europe resulted in a wave of post-World War II Italian immigration to New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s. read more
  5. Nelson College for Girls
    While Nelson’s pioneers supported the idea of college education for girls, it was to be 27 years after Nelson College was opened in 1856, that Nelson’... read more
  6. Stoke Library
    The first library in Stoke was established through community efforts in the 1940s. Community support has been vital in every subsequent development. read more
  7. Richmond's Sparrow Plague
    In the early 1900s sparrows were a menace to local orchard owners and wheat growers. The Richmond Borough Council paid for dead birds and bird eggs as... read more
  8. Getting established in Marlborough
    The Marlborough Museum’s Archives hold a rich resource of diaries and letters which provide an insight into life in the colony at the turn of the 20th... read more
  9. Nelson and Women’s Suffrage
    Women of the Nelson Province were leading figures in the Woman's Suffrage movement in New Zealand read more
  10. Skateboarding in Nelson
    Skateboarding reached New Zealand in the 1960s and boarders were soon seen in Nelson. Skateboard facilities arrived in the 1990s when Nelson took a le... read more