The top of the South Island has long been an area of enterprise and ingenuity. These are stories about those enterprises - business, farming, fishing, industry; and the infrastructure which has supported them.

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  1. The Star and Garter Hotel and the Richmond Volunteer Fire Brigade
    Richmond's Star and Garter Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in New Zealand still operating on its original site and still using its original name. Th... read more
  2. The Town that Wilkes Built and a Lucky Escape from Friendly Fire
    The firm of W.E Wilkes is synonymous with house building in Richmond. read more
  3. Croucher's Flour Mill and Bakehouse
    Crouchers supplied bread to the people of Richmond for 80 years, operating from 1873 to 1945 read more
  4. Guinness comes to the Top of the South
    The renowned Irish Guinness family and their equally famous stout have a strong connection to the Nelson, Tasman, and Golden Bay regions, dating back ... read more
  5. Griffin's Factory in Nelson
    For just under 120 years, the Griffins Factory was a landmark in Nelson and a big part of the city's economy. read more
  6. The SS Janie Seddon – laid to rust
    The story behind the rusting ship hull on the mud flats at Motueka. read more