Stories about significant, interesting or unusual events which have occurred in the top of the South Island of New Zealand.

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  1. Nelson Anniversary Day
    In the nineteenth century, Nelson Anniversary Day was a much celebrated occasion. read more
  2. Tawhiri comes home
    Only one yacht finished the 1951 Wellington to Lyttelton yacht race, the Nelson boat Tawhiri. It was a disaster for most, with 10 lives lost. The Tawh... read more
  3. Stranding of the Hawea
    Imagine the drama there would be today if a ship ran aground on Rocks Road. In 1886 this happened to the Hawea. read more
  4. Nelson becomes a City
    The small town of Nelson became a City in 1859 with the installation of the first Bishop read more
  5. Symons Memorial Explosion
    The Symons memorial was an ornate structure at the junction of Hardy and Trafalgar Streets. It was destroyed in 1906 by a momentous explosion. read more
  6. Stranding of the Lutterworth
    The stranding of the Lutterworth off Tahunanui Beach in 1904 hastened the decision to create the Cut and make the approach to Port Nelson safer. read more
  7. Rakaia and the Cut
    SS Rakaia was the first overseas cargo ship, and largest vessel, to steam into Nelson in 1909, since the 1906 creation of the Cut. read more
  8. The voyage of the SS Lyttelton
    The rusting remains of the boiler of the SS Lyttelton remain off the Nelson waterfront, a testament to its survival of possibly the longest ever voyag... read more
  9. Making the Cut
    It was a great day in the history of Nelson when the Cut opened on July 30 1906 read more
  10. RIMS Dalhousie
    With New Zealand troops away in Africa fighting in the Second Boer War the citizens of Nelson gave an enthusiastic welcome to a contingent from the In... read more