The people of the Top of the South

Stories about the people who have played a significant, or interesting, role in the history and life of the top of the South Island of New Zealand.

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  1. Eelco Boswijk
    never a dull moment... read more
  2. Rod Dixon
    Rod Dixon is a Nelson born runner, who became an Olympic medal winner. read more
  3. Mayors of Nelson
    A tour of the Mayoral graves in Wakapuaka cemetery read more
  4. Fred Gibbs
    F. G. Gibbs' life never lacked adventure, drama and determination and Nelson would have been much poorer without him. read more
  5. Buzz Falconer and the Talisman
    Buzz Falconer is a link with the days of the wooden hulled sculls read more
  6. Constance Barnicoat
    Constance Barnicoat Grande, 1872 – 1922, journalist, interpreter, mountaineer, traveller and British imperialist was a remarkable woman. read more
  7. George Fairweather Moonlight
    George Moonlight was a self-sufficient explorer and gold prospector of uncanny ability. read more
  8. Bryce Jones
    Bryce Jones played a pivotal role in shaping the Nelson Public Libraries as we know them today, overseeing the transition from a subscription library ... read more
  9. Marian Gunn
    Marian Gunn was the Manager of Nelson Public Libraries from 1987 to 2001 read more
  10. Elma Turner
    A woman who breathed life into a long standing project to create a free public library service in Nelson read more