Aotearoa New Zealand's histories and Te Takanga o Te Wā

From 2023, Te Takanga o Te Wā and Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories will be part of all kura and schools’ marau ā-kura and local curriculum. The final content was released in March 2022 for implementation from term 1 2023. The Government's aim for the new curriculum is that: "Every young person in school and kura will (soon) start learning about how Aotearoa New Zealand’s histories have shaped our lives". 

The following sites provide information about the curriculum or resources to support schools and students:

Regional resource guides to support the Aotearoa New Zealand histories curriculum: Māori histories and stories 

The curriculum content embraces the histories of all the people who live in Aotearoa New Zealand and encourages schools and kura to develop local curriculum and marau ā-kura that reflect the histories of their communities. 

The Prow hosts a range of information, guides and resources to support the curriculum, in addition to the wide range of stories from across the region:

  • Lesson plans and presentations
  • Curriculum guide and resources (by school year group)
    To support the focus on the histories of our region and community, Hilary and John Mitchell have suggested a range of lesson plans plus relevant topics and resources, as a proposed curriculum across the school Year groups. Hilary and the late John Mitchell are authors of the four-volume "Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka" series, which charts the history of Māori of Te Tau Ihu. The volume number and page references refer to the Mitchell's Te Tau Ihu o Te Waka series of books, in-text links refer to Prow stories and other online resources.
    It is suggested that teachers use these topics at different age levels according to their own school curriculum and preferences.

  • Stories of Whakatū - written by Maui John and Hilary Mitchell  to support the creation of information panels on sites of significance for Māori, around Whakatū/Nelson and a useful source of information for teachers in their exploration of local and Māori history for the new curriculum.

  • Aotearoa New Zealand Histories Curriculum guide years 9 & 10

    Produced by Rebecca Baird, HOLA Social Science/ HOD History at Nelson College for Girls. The guide is geared towards a secondary context and the implementation of the curriculum in schools in Te Tau Ihu. It has been developed for years 9 and 10, to assist students who may not have had much exposure to the new curriculum to gain the foundational learning they will need to successfully engage with the curriculum through their remaining secondary years. 

For more information, discover the growing series of educational resources developed by regional iwi - listed in our Māori section, particularly: