Stories about the way people have lived in the top of the South: stories about iwi and the land, colonial settlement, governance, different communities, education, housing, health and more.

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  1. Nelson's Ditch
    The last time Trafalgar Street had major drain works was almost 150 years ago, when the original drain was laid, replacing the infamous Ditch read more
  2. Nelson's orphanages and children's homes
    A brief history of Nelson orphanages, plus the Stoke Orphanage scandal. read more
  3. Nelson Yacht Club
    In 2007 the Nelson Yacht Club celebrated 150 years since its foundation. read more
  4. Yachting Cup
    Yachting Cup with a story to tell... read more
  5. Barbers Saloon
    A Barber's Saloon was more than just a place to get your hair cut. read more
  6. The Nelson Cottage Hospital
    The first Nelson hospital was a lean-to added to the side of the immigration barracks. read more
  7. The Nelson Volunteer Fire Brigade
    The Volunteer Fire Brigade dates back to, at least, September 1858 read more
  8. Italians in Nelson
    Tour the graves and read the stories behind the lives of some early Nelson Italian immigrants read more
  9. Nelson Literary Scientific and Philosophic Institute
    The Nelson Literary and Scientific Institute was founded in 1841, on board the New Zealand Company Ships bound for, what was to become, the settlement... read more
  10. Marlborough Rugby
    Marlborough has long been at the heart of Nelson Rugby, in the South Island and in New Zealand. read more