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  1. George and Susan Landon-Lane
    George and Susan Landon-Lane lived for much of their married life in New Zealand. The story of their earlier lives in England is an interesting one. read more
  2. Long Island Submarine monitoring station
    Located 35 kilometres from Picton, Long island guards the entrance to Queen Charlotte Sound. It is the first marine reserve in the South Island and h... read more
  3. John and Mary France
    John and Mary France were early Picton settlers who left many descendants, although a number of their children predeceased them. read more
  4. Thomas Maddock and Lucy Knight of Marlborough
    Thomas Maddock and his daughter Lucy were early settlers in the region. Their lives illustrate the enterprise and challenges typical of those of many ... read more
  5. The Wairau Valley Cemeteries
    The Anglican and Catholic Wairau Valley Cemeteries tell many stories, in the headstones and histories of the people buried there. read more
  6. Hans Busch 'A Great Miser'
    Hans Busch may have made himself unpopular amongst his German community through his rapacious attitude to land, his thrift and exploitation of the fre... read more
  7. John Jacobus (Jacob) Appoo
    Sinhalese John Jacobus Appoo discovered rich alluvial gold in the Massacre Bay area, sparking the Aorere gold rush in approximately 1854 read more
  8. The Greig Brother's of Dillons Point; Early Settlers of Beaver Station
    James and William Greig left their families in Scotland in search of better lives in New Zealand. Their stories span the period between the founding o... read more
  9. The Remnants of Taylor Ford
    Taylor Ford Cemetery on the Awatere Road in Marlborough is all that remains of the once bustling town of Taylor Ford. This is an account of some of th... read more
  10. Pioneers of the Wairau Valley North Bank
    This is a record of some of the many pioneers and characters who have lived along North Bank, Wairau Valley, Marlborough. read more