The people of the Top of the South

Stories about the people who have played a significant, or interesting, role in the history and life of the top of the South Island of New Zealand.

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  1. Effie and Ralphine Richardson
    Effie and her daughter Ralphine were two early women settlers in the Nelson area. read more
  2. Thomas Cawthron
    A self-made man who used his considerable fortune to make many gifts to his adopted city, Nelson. Thomas Cawthron has left many enduring legacies, inc... read more
  3. Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell is typical of many of the early Nelson immigrants. He flourished in the egalitarian colonial society he settled in, and was instrumen... read more
  4. John Kidson 1808-1875
    Gardener, Nelson settler, participant in Wairau Affray and New Zealand Company agitator. read more
  5. Appo Hocton
    It was an unconventional arrival for New Zealand’s first Chinese immigrant in 1842..... read more
  6. Timber Pioneers
    William Brownlee and Edward Baigent, were two of Marlborough/Nelson’s most successful sawmillers. Generations of both families continued to work in th... read more
  7. Samuel Stephens
    Surveyor Samuel Stephens made many significant contributions to the development of the province and his collection of journals and letters provide a v... read more
  8. Thomas Brunner
    Surveyor and explorer. read more
  9. Charles Heaphy
    Draughtsman, explorer, water colourist. read more
  10. Sarah and John Danforth Greenwood
    Successful, busy Motueka colonists... read more