Fulton Sisters, signatories


The Fulton family owned land, which they named Bohally, on the northern side on Blenheim.

The Fulton sisters. Image supplied by author

The land was swamp, covered with flax, which Mr Charles Fulton milled. The cleared land was farmed.

Williamina Fulton, with fellow nurses. Image supplied by author

There were eight Fulton sisters, of whom five signed the Suffrage Petition. Mary, Annie, Catherine, Christina, and Eliza are all on the list.

These hard working women were known to help on the family flax mill operation, play sport, contribute to the Women’s Temperance Union as well as having an active social life.

The youngest sister, Williamina trained as a nurse and in 1905 she was appointed matron at the Wairau Hospital. Mary was the only sister to marry, becoming Mrs Pattie in 1877. Her sisters continued to live in the Bohally homestead.

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