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A key feature of the Nelson Heritage Festival (now known as Tuku 22 Whakatū Heritage Month - changing with the year of celebration) has been the tour of some of Nelson's Heritage Houses, organised as a fundraising event for the Nelson & Tasman Cancer Society.  Many of the homes have not previously been open to the public.

Each house has a unique story. Researcher Sarah Ryder, Life Story Writer (Forget-me-not Life Stories) volunteered her time to find information about each of the properties, and working with the home owners, the stories were documented, shared with tour participants and recorded as Prow stories.


224 Collingwood Street. Image supplied Nelson Cancer Society

The 2018 tour

This tour included eight properties around Nelson, dating from 1854 to 1925, and allowed access to both the gardens and buildings. The buildings ranged from a simple worker's cottage to some of  Nelson's grandest homes:

The 2019 tour

This tour featured eight properties in Nelson and one in Stoke, dating from the 1840's to the 1920's. It included two of Nelson's iconic Club buildings, as well as more modest family homes.

Featured in 2021

2018 (updated 2021) 

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Further sources - Nelson Heritage Homes


South Street

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