Edmond and Eleanor Chisnall


Edmond and Eleanor Chisnall nee Flett: Seaview Cemetery Block 23, Plot 455 & 456

Edmund Chisnall was born in 1865 to Adeline and Thomas Henry Chisnall. Edmund's brothers were Thomas Buxton, born 1864, William Waring, born 1866 and George Edward,  born 1872.

Edmond chisnall

The grave of Edmond Chisnall at Seaview Cemetery in Stoke

Edmund married Eleanor Adelaide Flett in 1891. And had the following children:

  • Doris Buxton Chisnall born 1892 and Adeline born 1893, who both attended Stoke School, Girls Central School then the Nelson Girls College.1
  • Harry William born 1897.2
  • Edmund, a retired farmer, who died July 1957 age 92.

One of Stoke's oldest residents, Mr E. Chisnall, claimed the honour of being the only Nelsonian to breed a winner of the Grand National. This horse was Umslopagass, which won the race in 1896. He was not then owned by Mr Chisnall, who had sold him to a Mr Banks, of Wellington. He was, however, raced by Mr Chisnall in Nelson on four occasions. Twice he won and twice he was second.

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