Aotearoa New Zealand Histories Curriculum and Resource guide

This topic guide has been produced by Hilary and the late John Mitchell for schools in Te Tau Ihu.

Years 1 & 2: some early stories, myths and legends

Compare with European/English fairy tales

Years 3 & 4: early visitors to Te Tau Ihu
Years 5 & 6: tribal succession in Te Tau Ihu
Years 7 & 8 - European influences arrive
  • Sealers, whalersmissionariesMāori enterprise, relationships, influence and effects. Vol.1 pp.230-251
  • Treaty of Waitangi: what did it mean? Did Māori get all the rights and privileges of British Citizenship? Vol.1 pp.289-291
  • Was the Treaty honoured by Governments? Land, political power, legal rights, access to health and education. Vol.1 pp.283, 309-310, 349,375, 414, 448, 459
  • What does colonisation mean? What does it look like around the world?

Year 9 - Māori society and European settlement
Year 10 - The New Zealand Company
  • Company's intentions, plans, policies re Māori; Company's land purchases. Vol.1 pp.252-286
  • Nelson settlement 1841. Vol.1 pp.287-310
  • Company failure to implement its Māori policies. Vol.1 pp.305-310
  • Wairau Affray, 17 June 1843. Vol.1 pp.311-330, Vol.2  pp.234-240
  • Spain Commission, 1844-1845. Vol.1 pp.331-342
  • The taking of Whakarewa (Motueka), 1853-1993. Vol.1 pp.376-384
  • Crown purchases, 1850s: intentions, methods, results. Vol.1 pp.358-389
  • The Tenths Reserves and creation of Wakatū Incorporation. Vol.1 pp.424-461

Years 11, 12 & 13 - Special Topics
  • The coming of Christianity. Vol.2 pp.69-136
  • Māori and the Law. Vol.2 pp.346-367
  • Māori and education. Vol.2 pp.329-346
  • Nelson and Marlborough (Māori and European) involvement in the Taranaki wars and Parihaka. Vol.2 pp.388-407, 411-419
  • The Native Land Court and its effect on communal land ownership. Vol.2 pp.386-388 and other references
  • Administration and management of Māori reserve land by Government appointed (non-Māori) trustees; legislation and regulations imposed; 1970s Commission of Enquiry. Vol.1 pp.424-452
  • The Tai Tapu block; gold, Government regulations, ownership of the block. Vol.1 pp.397-402, Vol 2 pp.308-309
  • Effects of colonisation: land loss, discrimination, exclusion, poverty. Vol.2 pp.465-498
  • Nelson-Marlborough influences on NZ legislation and regulation: following, for example the Wairau Affray, goldfield regulations, the Maungatapu Murders. Vol.2 pp.304-307, 318-319
  • The Waitangi Tribunal: origins of the Tribunal; Treaty claims procedures; local claims and hearings
  • The Office of Treaty Settlements (now Te Arawhiti - Office for Māori Crown Relations) procedures and nature of local settlements
  • Fisheries, Aquaculture and Forestry claims and settlements
  • The Foreshore and Seabed debate. “Foreshore and Seabed Issues: a Te Tau Ihu Perspective on Assertions and Denials of Rangitiratanga” H & J Mitchell Victoria University
  • Iwi Trust organisations; principles and practices
  • Wakatū Incorporation's battle to gain control over its lands. "Reclaiming rangatiratanga : the Wakatu Incorporation and the Crown” H&J Mitchell Victoria University