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I am the new owner of Tophouse, since September 2007, and have researched the history of Tophouse and have found that apparently we have a resident Ghost!

The "Ghost" is Sidney Smith, the local peddler in the 1890's.  Sidney used to come to Tophouse for many years selling pots/pans etc. He stayed the night on several occasions over the years on his way peddling goods in Belgrove, Wakefield, Richmond and beyond. One day he tied his horse outside Tophouse and the horse somehow got spooked and kicked Sidney in the head.  He ran into the hallway and died there.

Since this episode there have been many people over the years who have felt a "Presence" in the hotel. The owners before us had a clairvoyant contact Sidney.  He said "it's warm, comfortable and welcoming so I will be staying around." So he is staying around? In the short space of time that Lesley and I have been at Tophouse we have encountered at least four separate people saying that they have felt a presence in the Hotel - a warm glow?  So there you have it...

2009  Updated: April 2020

There has indeed been another murder at Tophouse. Read more.

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