Stories about significant, interesting or unusual events which have occurred in the top of the South Island of New Zealand.

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  1. Life on the Fault Lines
    Marlborough’s East Coast is cross hatched with fault lines, the Wairau, Awatere, Clarence and Hope faults, and has experienced a number of significant... read more
  2. The Tetley Affair
    Marlborough was shaken by a scandal in the 1860s, when a Member of Parliament ran off to South America with £40,000 of investors’ money, and never ret... read more
  3. The 1884 plague of rats
    Early settlers in the Nelson Province faced many challenges. One of these was the rat problem, which exploded to plague proportions in 1884. read more
  4. 1918 Influenza pandemic in Nelson
    The 1918 influenza pandemic has been called the world's biggest disaster of the twentieth century and its lessons continue to be significant. New Zeal... read more
  5. Richmond Park emergency hospital 1918
    In November 1918 a temporary emergency hospital was established at the A & P show grounds in Richmond. Lead by Mrs. Thomas, Dr. H. O. Washbourn and a ... read more
  6. 2019 Tasman Fires
    In February 2019 wildfires swept through the Waimea Plains, Moutere and Nelson. A civil defence emergency was declared and thousands of people were fo... read more
  7. COVID 19 and Te Tau Ihu
    2020 was the year of the Covid pandemic. New Zealand and Te Tau Ihu were spared the worst effects, but the impact of border closures and lockdown was ... read more
  8. Te Tauihu and World War One
    read more
  9. The theft of Nelson's Mayoral chain
    On Saturday 3 December 1977 burglars broke into the office of Roy McLennan, the current Mayor of Nelson and stole the mayoral chain, along with Chris... read more
  10. Springbok Tour in Nelson 1981
    The Springboks rugby team arrived in Nelson on 20 August 1981 to play the Nelson Bays team as part of their controversial New Zealand tour. The visit ... read more