Stories about the way people have lived in the top of the South: stories about iwi and the land, colonial settlement, governance, different communities, education, housing, health and more.

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  1. Nelson Public Libraries
    Nelson was one of the first places in New Zealand to operate a library, but the last to get a free public library service read more
  2. Friends of the Nelson Library Inc
    The Friends of Nelson Public Libraries Inc have played an important role in supporting the Library and in funding some significant developments read more
  3. Broadsheet Row in Nelson
    Broadsheet was a feminist periodical published in Auckland from 1972 until 1992. Some people were not happy when Nelson Public Libraries added it to t... read more
  4. Early Jewish Settlement in Nelson
    There was a Jewish presence in Nelson from as early as 1829. By the 1880's the community had all but disappeared. read more
  5. A communal lifestyle
    Alternative lifestylers have long been attracted to Golden Bay. Communes flourished in the 1970s with the Ohu movement, but others had roots in pacifi... read more
  6. Nelson's war memorials
    Nelson has many memorials, which reveal some of the stories of those who have died in wars across the world. read more
  7. Blenheim and Picton Borough Councils- the early years
    Blenheim and Picton developed their governance and infrastructure slowly but surely in their early years. read more
  8. The Taranaki Refugees
    The Taranaki Wars of the 1860's had a lasting legacy on Te Tau Ihu read more
  9. Salisbury School
    Salisbury School - a special residential school for girls for over 100 years. read more
  10. Picton and Blenheim's Literary Institutes
    New Zealand's early European colonists soon established many associations and organisations, including debating and literary societies, libraries and ... read more