Stories about the way people have lived in the top of the South: stories about iwi and the land, colonial settlement, governance, different communities, education, housing, health and more.

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  1. State housing in Nelson
    Nelson has some fine examples of State housing, reflecting the different government programmes adopted over time to create affordable housing. read more
  2. Daffodil Day
    The crowning of the Daffodil Queen, the highlight of Daffodil Day, was a colourful fundraiser for World War One troops. read more
  3. Demon drink in Nelson
    Early Nelson was well served with public houses. The first publicans' licences were issued in 1842. read more
  4. Dutch Settlement in Nelson
    There remains a significant Dutch community in the Nelson and Tasman regions. Many of these settlers left the Netherlands in the post-war years, looki... read more
  5. Cricket in the Colonies
    International cricket came to Nelson in 1877, with two matches played at Victory Square. read more
  6. A Woman of the Wairau
    Stella Wadsworth, Wairau Valley farmer and the first woman to be voted onto the Marlborough County Council. read more
  7. Nelson's WWI Red Cross Flag
    At 2.5m long and almost 1.5m high, an enormous flag, roughly the size of a king-sized sheet, was created during WWI to raise money for Nelson troops p... read more
  8. The deer park in Todds Valley 1910-1916
    In 1861 red deer were first released into the wild in New Zealand in the Nelson area. The Nelson Acclimatisation Society set up a short-lived deer par... read more
  9. Maternity care in Nelson - Te Rangi Hospital
    Memories of Te Rangi hospital, where hundreds of Nelson children drew their first breath, between 1915 and 1966. read more
  10. Dental care in Nelson
    One hundred and fifty years ago the first dentist arrived in Nelson by ship from England. read more