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  1. Edwin Hare Dashwood
    Edwin Hare Dashwood was an agricultural labourer, explorer and English Baronet. read more
  2. Sealord The Wounded Phoenix
    A story from the early days of Sealords, which developed from the failed New Zealand Sea Products enterprise. read more
  3. The Edwin Fox
    The Edwin Fox is a vessel of great cultural and historical value to New Zealand. Built in 1853, it has served as a troop transport, an immigrant ship,... read more
  4. A P.O.W.'s journey
    A Nelson man's recollection of his time as a prisoner of war during World War II. read more
  5. Plumbing in Collingwood
    Until the 1930s most New Zealand houses had longdrops in the garden.. read more
  6. Ivy Louisa Millin
    Memories of Ivy Louisa Millin, nee Stone, of Stoke as told to her daughter, Clarice Rackley. read more
  7. Renwick House
    Bullt by David Monro, home of Thomas Renwick and now part of Nelson Central School read more
  8. Sir Thomas Picton and naming of Picton
    Picton was named after the British general and Waterloo hero, Sir Thomas Piction, although he never visited New Zealand read more
  9. Jens Hansen
    Jens Hansen was an important figure in the Nelson arts community, from the time he arrived in 1968 to his death in 1999. He, and his workshop, were ma... read more
  10. Wreck of the Penguin
    The worst shipwreck in New Zealand during the 20th century happened on February 12 1909 in Cook Strait to the regular passenger ship taking people fro... read more