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  1. The Brothers Islands and Lighthouse
    The Brothers Islands lighthouse was the last manned lighthouse in New Zealand. read more
  2. The Adamant and the Cospatrick
    In 1874, from the Blackwell Dock in London, two sailing ships left within an hour or so of each other, the first to leave being the wooden hulled Cosp... read more
  3. Dr William Edward Redman
    William Edward Redman, Doctor and Mayor, was a well-known Picton character read more
  4. Nelson Street Names
    Nelson City Council keeps a record of how and when each street is named. The streets of Nelson generally reflect the character of Nelson and many of t... read more
  5. John and Kurapa Davis
    John Davis was a former slave of American-Negro background and his wife Kurapa, later changed to Mary, was a Moriori from the Chatham Islands read more
  6. Whekenui Leading Lights
    The Whekenui, or Tory Channel, Leading Lights are now registered with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust read more
  7. Nelson’s Early Churches
    Membership of a church was not just a spiritual need, the church was also very important politically... read more
  8. Protest at Kiwi Station 1955
    A group of Nelson women made quite a stir when they staged a protest against the closure of the Nelson Railway line at Kiwi Station in 1955 read more
  9. School Bugs
    The train which once ran into Nelson, originally intended as transport for people with produce to sell in town, soon became a commuter service for stu... read more
  10. Place names of Nelson
    The next time that you walk around Nelson streets, consider the heritage that they hold. Think of the early settlers, the naming of the streets , th... read more