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  1. Early newspapers in Nelson
    The Nelson Examiner, The Colonist and the Nelson Evening Mail were Nelson's early newspapers read more
  2. Capt William Tinney
    Captain William Tinney was a well known seaman in Nelson in the 1870s read more
  3. Joseph Holland
    Joseph Holland, brewer, was the son of one of Nelson's early residents read more
  4. George Batt -Drover and Bullocky
    George Batt, a drover and bullocky of Wai-iti and Glenhope, was one of Nelson's early pioneers. read more
  5. McCashin's Brewery
    McCashin's Brewery was one of the breweries which sparked the resurgence of beer making in Nelson, and in New Zealand read more
  6. Railway Memories
    Stoke resident Kevin Hoult rode the train into Nelson College from Belgrove between 1942 and 1945. He has many fond memories of the time. read more
  7. Nelson Matinee
    It was the immediate post war years and Saturday matinees were all the rage with our generation of kids. read more
  8. Fires in Nelson
    Fire callouts were far more frequent in Nelson's early years and some major fires have occurred in the town. read more
  9. Lands and Survey Department in Blenheim
    E. Mallet worked for the Lands & Survey Department in the 1950's read more
  10. Marj Matthews of Redwoodtown
    Marj (Marjory) Matthews, who died on 15 February (2011), had a good nose for business and a keen eye for property, and was the driving force behind th... read more