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  1. Yelven Oliver Sutton
    Yelven Sutton talks about his family, who were early settlers in Richmond read more
  2. Bainham General Store
    The Langford's general store has a strong historic background, with three generations of Langford's behind the counter since it opened in 1928. read more
  3. Māpua's Changing Tides
    Māpua's once thriving commercial wharf is now a recreational focus for the region. read more
  4. Inangahua Earthquake
    On May 24 1968 at 5.24 am the second biggest land based earthquake in New Zealand history struck the West Coast of the South Island creating chaos and... read more
  5. George Cannon McMurtry
    George Cannon McMurtry was another character of Reservoir Creek in Richmond. He lived much of his lift in Templemore Homestead. read more
  6. Ligar Bay
    A small Golden Bay settlement, Ligar Bay, is currently divided over a disagreement of the fate of eight small baches built on council land read more
  7. Nayland College - a student's view
    Nayland College was opened in 1966, in response to Nelson's urban growth, and quickly established an excellent reputation. read more
  8. Farm Settlements for Returned Soldiers
    A number of farm estates in Marlborough were sold to soldiers returning from the two World Wars, as part of the government's land settlement policy. read more
  9. Felix Tanner
    Felix Tanner is an enigmatic figure. An eccentric crackpot with 'a diseased craving for notoriety' or a visionary inventor who followed his dreams. read more
  10. Private William Arthur Ham
    Private William Arthur Ham was the first New Zealand serviceman to be killed in World War I, and a resident of Ngatimoti. read more